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About Us

The Living Well Now Foundation Launched in 2014

The LWN Foundation exists to expand humans’ awareness of the importance of our daily body-mind-spirit decisions. 

We provide impactful holistic education experiences that will inspire people to say YES to personal transformations. As we each choose unique healing habits, not only are we able to experience greater peace & wellness, but our relationships & the world will receive powerful benefits as well.

About Us - Living Well Now Foundation, The Lahman Family 2012

Deborah Lahman is our LWN Foundation ANGEL

And our Founder

8/27/53 - 11/27/22

She lived her 69 years with a daily passion for family, deep listening, counseling, parenting education, generational healing, and radical transformations. She and her husband John, authored the book EMBRACING AMAZING”, to provide guidance for curious parents looking for strategies for their parenting journeys. 

She and John purchased a home in Carlsbad, California. They had a vision of hosting workshops, and retreats in the vacation home. They loved hosting workshops & retreats in their home.  And they visioned the property being a forever place for wellness expansion.

Deborah’s generous & grateful energy is infused throughout the LWN Foundation.

Deborah Lahman

Purchase Deborah and John’s Book “Embracing Amazing” 

LWN Foundation Retreat
Why we're here:

▶️ So many of us have been asked to give up our dreams in order to put food on the table. 

▶️ So many of us have not received sufficient empowering guidance to discover our unique gifts & talents.

▶️  So many of us are riding the rollercoaster of life without helpful tools that can support our ability to enjoy & thrive in our daily lives.

▶️  So many of us are desiring a supportive community where our unique voices & stories are not just welcomed & heard, but also valued & honored.

LWN Foundation Retreat

We are envisioning a world where...

Wellness modalities are accessible to all humans.
Massages are for everyone.
Quality counseling sessions are for everyone.
Healthy food is for everyone.
Adequate time for self-care is for everyone.
Living dreams is for everyone.
Transformative healing retreats are for everyone.
Safe, supportive, and empowering friendships are for everyone.

How do we do this?

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“I was in need of a re-set and this retreat provided that. It was a great balance of independent work time, play/fun and an opportunity to meet new people and have amazing, deep discussions. I felt spoiled and truly cared for with every little detail; it’s apparent a lot of heart and soul were poured into preparing for our time together. I WILL be back again.”

Meet The Team

Aaron Lahman

Aaron Lahman

Foundation CEO
He started dreaming about creating a nonprofit organization back in 2002, while studying communications, nonprofit management, and Spanish at Manchester College, now Manchester University. In 2014, the LWN Foundation was born, as the Lahman family created a pathway to provide important wellness education to the world.
Aaron has hosted 5 men's retreats & 3 other wellness retreats in the last decade. During these retreats, his roles have included; chef, meditation teacher, share time facilitator, massage therapist, bike tour guide, curious learner & leader.

John Lahman

John Lahman

Foundation CFO
John, alongside his late wife, Deborah Lahman, helped launch the LWN Foundation in 2014. Their children, Angela, Andy, and Aaron, all have a passion for walking alongside humans as they make courageous daily choices to grow in wellness, love, and fulfillment.
John sees the LWN Foundation as a place where humans are provided the space to discover where their unique gifts & passions lie. He is also enthusiastic about the opportunity to support people from all backgrounds to live their dreams.

Angela Lahman

Angela Lahman

Marketing Strategist
Angela provides powerful insights & direction as we seek to reach the people who are ready to participate in our retreats, wellness workshops, or benefit from a LWN Foundation scholarship. She led a women's retreat back in 2017, and will be hosting another one in the fall of 2023. To learn more about Angela, be sure to venture over to her personal website.

Deborah and John Lahman
Lahman Family
Lahman Family
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