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Wellness Education

Aaron Lahman

Aaron Lahman

I started dreaming about creating a nonprofit organization back in 2002, while studying communications, nonprofit management, and Spanish at Manchester College, now Manchester University. In 2014, the LWN Foundation was born, as the Lahman family created a pathway to provide important wellness education to the world.
I have hosted 5 men's retreats & 3 other wellness retreats in the last decade. During these retreats, my roles have included; chef, meditation teacher, share time facilitator, massage therapist, bike tour guide, curious learner & leader.
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Angela Lahman

Angela Lahman

I have formal education in Communication, Education, Conflict Transformation, Spiritual Direction, and Aromatherapy. These areas have greatly informed my daily approach to life. Over the past 25 years, I have learned from and drawn on the wisdom of many thought leaders, teachers, theologians, authors, and mentors.
I love to curate resources for others as a health and business coach.
I am a connector and community builder for women. My focus is emotional wellness + spirituality + leadership. Click on my name above to grab my Soul Care Kit to get started today!

Deep Listening Changes Lives

Listening deeply to each other is one of the greatest gifts we can experience as we walk this Earth together.

As we choose curiosity, breath, & love to guide our listening; our connections with other courageous beings will deepen.  Believing that each of us has deep wisdom within changes the energy in the room.  We can co-create safe spaces that encourage curiosity, compassion, calm, courage, creativity and community.

We will explore a variety of body-mind-spirit wellness ideas & tools. We will have deep-dive conversations to explore how participants feel about these practices & philosophies.  We will radically transform together.

As we slow down to listen and soak in the present moment together, the discoveries and awareness that our hearts will come to know will evoke cellular & soul-level changes….for us….for our families….for our ancestors….for all of humanity…& for the Earth.

Ready for deep listening?
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