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Do you have a Dream you are wanting to make happen in the coming months or years? Are you looking for a financial scholarship or grant to help you make it happen?

One of our Living Well Now Foundation passions is building empowering relationships with big dreamers out on the road who are changing the world for the better!!

It is our intention to offer generous scholarships to individuals or organizations who are seeking to better themselves, others, & the Earth!!

**Do you have a Body-Mind-Spirit wellness dream, or a business venture idea, or a certification you need to make your dream life come to be?

**Do you have a big-dreaming friend who you believe needs an extra boost as they pursue their goals to make this world a better place?

**Do you want to attend one of our Living Well Now Foundation retreats but need some financial help to do so?

**Do you have an organization or individual who is doing big work to take care of this Earth we share that you would like to nominate for a scholarship?

**Do you have a family member or friend who could really benefit from an extra $1000 to help out their family?