We never want A lack of funding to be a reason someone can’t join us for a life-changing experience.

Your generous donations go directly to helping people who are ready for radical transformations. Your gift will help someone attend a retreat, receive 1-on-1 or group coaching, pursue a wellness or life dream, or will help send our leaders to offices/organizations/campuses to offer tailored wellness trainings. We are excited to co-create a world that empowers all of us to grow in wellness, love, and fulfillment together.

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The LWN Foundation seeks to provide a safe & empowering community where we can radically transform individually & together.  We are excited to see us all release old beliefs & energy-depleting habits that do not serve us anymore.  We are excited to see us all live with more curiosity, compassion, calm, courage, and community.

Retreat Collage- Living Well Now Foundation
"The men’s retreat led by Aaron was transformative and so benecial for every facet of me. It came at a time when I had little ability to check in with myself spiritually and really opened doors for my own self-exploration. I’m so grateful for the intentional male bonding time it provided and the safe space for a vulnerability that was created."
-Kevin Schatz
"Although this experience was only 4 days, what I have gotten out of it has been so impactful. Having the opportunity to just step away from every day life to rejuvenate the soul, to get back into genuinely connecting with others and with the self was everything I need. I learned so much from everyone at the retreat and I also feel when I shared, I was seen and heard. I would recommend this experience to anyone! It was the best time to share, laugh, listen and reflect. Very grateful to have shared this experience and I hope others get to experience it in the future!”
-Maggie Miele
"I loved hanging out with like-minded souls. People who genuinely want to make the world a better place. Our focus session together helped me find more clarity around my business focus and working with my ideal client. I loved being by the beach, coffee walks, hot tubbing, karaoke, and games. And the food. OMG. The food! I came in search of clarity. Being in Carlsbad gave me freedom to explore and expand.”
-Elizabeth Renee
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